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A little less than a month ago the Open Data Institute launched Open Data Certificates, a new scheme to promote open datasets and help build trust between data producers and data consumers. Essentially, data producers fill in a detailed online [...]

In my last post I mentioned a talk I gave about my work for berlinonline on the Berlin Data Portal. Several months have passed since then (so quickly!), and yesterday we were finally able to launch the portal’s new version [...]

This week, I was invited to give talk at a workshop on Open Data and Open Government at the Innovationsforum Semantic Media Web in Berlin. There were short talks on different aspects on the topic; I was asked to provide a local Berlin perspective (slides see at the bottom of this post) based on my work on the Berlin Open Data Portal which I have recently started doing on behalf of BerlinOnline.

When talking about the foundation necessary to build smarter, digital cities, the focus is often on ubiquitous broadband, wireless access or sensors - in other words hardware. However, another important ingredient is data, ideally of the open flavour.