When talking about the foundation necessary to build smarter, digital cities, the focus is often on ubiquitous broadband, wireless access or sensors - in other words hardware. However, another important ingredient is data, ideally of the open flavour.

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This is the first in a four-part series of posts about how to do a simple Linked Data project, using EURO2012 Panini stickers as an (admittedly somewhat silly) example. It is going to illustrate all the steps from finding and converting the source data, linking and enriching it with the wider Web of Data and finally creating a little app on top of the data.

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I have been active in the Linked Data community for a good numbers of years now, since back when it was still called the “Semantic Web Community”. I started toying with a flavour of semantic technologies called Topic Maps in 2003, when I was writing my master thesis at the University of Cologne and then started to really dive into the field when I started a PhD at DERI in […]

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