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Knud Möller

Knud is an experienced Linked Data and Semantic Web practitioner, researcher and consultant. He believes that linked and open data will change and improve the way we live and work, and he is passionate about designing and building systems that will make this happen, and teaching others to do this as well.

Knud has been involved with semantics, data and the Web since 2003, when early experiments with a technology called Topic Maps lead him to do a PhD at the newly founded Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) in Galway, Ireland, now one of the leading research centres for Linked Data and the Semantic Web. As a technical consultant at Talis Systems, he has helped clients in the government, library and cultural sector to open, model and publish their data, and taught classes on different levels on a range of Web data-related topics, such as graph models like RDF, data and domain modelling, basic and advanced querying with SPARQL, etc.