We offer training on different levels around the whole Open and Linked Data space. All courses can be adapted to suit specific needs – talk to us! We believe in a learning-by-doing approach, so our courses usually have a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on exercises, where the participants can try out the things they have just learned.

We offer training in both English and German language. Courses will usually be given on-site at the client’s location. Apart from the courses outlined below, we also offer training on other Web Data-related topics – contact us if you would like to organise a course.

Introduction to Open and Linked Data

This course provides a general, high-level introduction to the area. It is suitable for all actors in an Open Data ecosystem: data owners who are considering opening up some of their data, publishers of Open Data who are considering a step up towards Linked Data, data consumers or decision makers who want to get an overview of the domain.

It will answer questions such as: what is the idea behind Open Data, when is Open Data really open, who can benefit from it, what are the costs involved for data providers, what are some of the success stories? Which benefits does Linked Data add and how does it work?

  • Goal: Participants will have a good understanding of the Open Data and Linked Data space, which will enable them to make well-informed decisions on where to go next.
  • Level: This course is aimed at all levels, managers and technical staff alike.
  • Duration: 1/2 day

The Linked Data Technology Stack: URIs, RDF, SPARQL

One of the main ideas behind Open Data is to enable reuse by others. Providing the data as Linked Data can increase the potential for reuse significantly. To accomplish this, there is a standard stack of formats and technologies, starting from using URIs as identifiers, over RDF as a datamodel to SPARQL as the query language. This course will introduce the complete stack of technologies, discuss best-practices (such as URI patterns, modelling approaches, etc.) and provide information on available tools.

  • Goal: After this course, the participants should be able to undertake their own Linked Data projects. While complete proficiency is hard to attain after just two days, the participants will be comfortable …

  • Level: This course is aimed mainly at participants with a technical background, such as programmers or database experts. However, also domain experts (such as librarians, journalists, scientists, etc.) or managers with a technical interest can benefit from this course.
  • Duration: 1 – 2 days